Monday, June 20, 2011

Frank Lloyd Wright

Hollyhock House was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and it is located in East Hollywood, California.  I had the privilege of visiting this wonderful home this weekend during a tour with my school. It was a great tour as our tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. 

Hollyhocks were all over the property in real life as flowers and in interpretation in this concrete sculpture. This design concept is noticed throughout the house. 

Can you imagine how much Aline Barnsdall enjoyed sitting out side overlooking the view on top of the hill?

Stunning living room with a stunning fireplace. The design on the fireplace is actually the foot print of the house, showing the reflecting pool and the round pool on opposite ends with Aline overlooking the home. 

Aline's bedroom with a drop down for her bed. 

Beautiful fireplace in her bedroom.

Her bedroom balcony.

One of the amazing rooftop terraces.

The round pool outside.

Sugartop's playroom.

So much detail, even the light fixtures have the hollyhock concept.

Next time you are in LA make sure to check out Hollyhock!

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  1. Hollyhock sounds awesome!! and i love how you've decorated your room!!!

    -sylvia navarro :)