Tuesday, June 21, 2011

R.M.Schindler House

The second house on my school tour was the Schindler house in Los Angeles. R. M. Schindler was born in Vienna and moved to Chicago to work under Frank Lloyd Wright. He oversaw the Hollyhock house project and started designing his own work in LA.

He wanted the home to feel as though you were camping. The living and dining area are located outside with outdoor fireplaces for cooking. They slept outside on top of the home and the studios were inside. Of course if it rained, they would sleep in their studios. 

The home is surrounded by bamboo trees all around which provided privacy.

The areas played off of each other having canvas walls which open up to the spaces indoor and or outdoor. The home had an asian vibe with the exposed beams, concrete, bamboo, and canvas sliding doors. 

Check the Schindler House for yourself!!!

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