Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am Mania

Pan Am started last night on ABC and I fell in love. So freakin' cute. I am jealous of these outfits and lifestyle. At least I get to join them on their adventures through the air. 

While talking to my mother yesterday about the show, I came to find out that my uncle's first job was for Pan Am as his father worked there too. She was telling me stories about how she would go visit her brother at the airport and have really nice fancy dinners with the crew. So exciting. He currently is a pilot for Taca Airlines and still resides in El Salvador. 

I am going to enjoy seeing the costume design for this show. So gorgeous. 

Don't miss out! It's on Sundays at 10pm ABC!


  1. SO CLASSY! I wish it was still the norm for people to dress up when traveling. I love the styles from back then. I would totally love to wear dresses and gloves. Sigh.

  2. Rachelle I agree! I think that's why I am so into it. I would look like a fool if I dressed like that now. But oh how we can wish...

  3. I wish airlines were this cool still! Big and spacious.

    AND I miss getting wings from each airline.

    <3 this show.

  4. Oh I agree ms. Che! May we have wings please!!!

    I am looking forward to my Sunday nights!