Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ping Pong Room

So when I was growing up at my parents, they bought us a ping pong table! I spent some good times in our garage playing with our neighborhood kids. Sometimes I would put one side up and play by myself, just like Forrest Gump

There are a ton of cool ideas out there for a ping pong room all of your own. Frankly I am getting really over this digital era we live in. I mean it's great and all but let's turn it off some times and do fun things again. 

The first time I've heard of anyone having a cool ping pong table was when I visited JAdler and Simon's home in NY. Of course he is such a talented man but to make a ping pong table work in a living room was just amazing. 

We have a ping pong table here at the firm I work at and there is some heat that comes out of this room. I think we just spice it up a bit in there by adding some ping pong decor. This isn't our office but a really cool conference room somewhere else. 

This is a ping pong table that is used for as a dining table! Great idea! 

I so wish SPiN Galactic opens up here in Southern Cali! How fun would this be!?! Loungy, cool, hip new place to hang out with friends, have a few drinks and filled with good times. They have locations in Milwaukee, New York, Toronto, and St. Pete. 

I would have fancy cocktail ping pong parties all the time with a set up like this!

It's becoming such a trend that designers are coming out with the cutest ping pong product! I want!!!

Happy living!!! 

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