Friday, January 20, 2012

Fixtures Living, Costa Mesa

If you live in southern California, you should definitely make a trip to SoCo in Costa Mesa where there are some great showrooms. This one in particular is my favorite. Fixtures Living is a well displayed showroom of kitchen, bath, and outdoor fixtures. Beautifully showcased, how great is this leopard mosaic wall? Talk about bold! 

There are a ton of different selections, something for everyone! Now I am not big on "bling" but I definitely was impressed by this basin sink which was super decked out!!!

In case you want that Vegas feel to your bath, this is the perfect selection.

I got so many great ideas and inspiration for my own kitchen, hopefully sooner rather than later, but gorgeous.

This picture of the black and chrome stove does not do it justice but I love the brass finish, the lines, the feel!

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful things in life. 

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